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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amr Diab - Alomak leh

ألومك ليه
alomak leh ?
why do I blame you ?

حبيبى أنا أولى ألوم روحى ... ولا أعذرها
habebi ana awla alom ro7i wala a3zorha
oh dear ! I should blame my soul* and never excuse it

وعارف ليه
w 3aref laih !
and do you know why ?

عشان قدام عنيا حقيقة وبنكرها
ashan 2odam 3enaya 7a2e2a w bankerha
because in front of my eyes there's a truth that I'm denying

عينيك تايهين ... ايديك دى كأن اخر مرة حمسكها
enaik tayheen ... edeik de ka2en a5er marra 7amsekha
your eyes are lost ... and your hands feel like it's the last time I will touch them

أساسا مين ... بقى بيهتم بالحاجة اما يملكها
asasan meen ! ... ba2a byehtam bel 7aga amma yemlekha
actually who ... cares for the thing after he owns it ?

ويا خسارة ... محدش فينا نفذ وعد
w ya 5sara ... ma 7adesh feena nafez wa3d
what a pity ... none of us had kept the promise

يا خسارة ... محدش فينا خاف م البعد
ya 5sara ... ma7edsh fena 5af mel bo3d
what a pity ... none of us was afraid of separation

ومش حاسين بقيمة بعض
w mish 7aseen b2emet ba3d
and we don't appreciate each others

يا خسارة ... حلال يا عمري ولا حرام
ya 5sara ... 7ala ya 3omri walla 7aram ?
what a pity ... is it allowed or is it forbidden ?

منتغير مع الايام
mnt'3ayar ma3 el ayam
we change as days go by

بقينا اتنين غراب عن بعد
ba2ena tnain '3orab 3an ba3d
we became like two strangers

بأيدك ايه ؟ و انا بايديا ايه وانا اتحمل
be edak eh ? wana be2edaya eh wana at7amel ?
what can you do ? and what can I do, I will do it

اقولك ايه ... اكيد انت و انا كان نفسنا نكمل
a2ollak eh ! akeed enta wana kan nefsena nkamel
I will tell you what ! I'm sure you and me wanted to continue

ده بينا كتير حاجات حلوه حتتحول خلاص ذكرى
da bena kteer 7agat 7ilwa 7a tet7awel 5alas zekra
there are so many beautiful things between us that will turn into memory

ويمكن خير محدش داري ايه مكتوب لنا بكرا
w yemkin 5eir, ma7edesh dari eh maktoob* lena bokra
and maybe it's good ! no one knows what is written* for us tomorrow
*our fate

2 comentários:

Ashraf said...

and maybe it's good ! no one knows what is written* for us tomorrow..
i have faith that destiny written u in my book anjo , or what u think i pass all this with u for what ? u will be mine habibty forever inshallah

nunu said...

ah shooo :) all this you passed with me is nothing compared to all life you have to bear me:D
you are mine,forever! oO.XD(hope you are not scared now )
Bahebak anjo ;)

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